I am bleeding with an agony of searching answers for my question.Ok I am fed off. I am going to leave the questions to your hands.When Socrates told world is round, everyone considered  it as something unethical and thrown him off. Now, Stephen Hawkins says that we can get into the past through worm holes I mean time hole is said as worm hole. He deserves to be very popular scientist in this period. Is it ethical to travel in to the past? Why are we not creating meshes with his idea? Instead we are performing research on it with our technology development.We are always doing mistakes, no man can be perfect without mistakes. We are not human beings actually we are mistake beings. we have ability to correct our mistakes .But often we are not doing so, alternatively we are trying to hide the mistakes.  This time hole invention will benefits these type of people, let us consider this thing on one hand.On the other hand this invention is yet to be performed on a glassy grounds of Switzerland in which the cost of research is the life of earth. Yes this research creates a artificial temporary black hole which is nothing but a hole which has largest gravitational energy in the range that can absorb even the fast moving light passing through it. Then consider about us, it’s attractive force will pull each atoms from our body towards it and it finally leads to mass destruction.And also creating a temporary black hole is not too easy, it needs a very huge power supply deteriorating the total earth power reserves. But researcher from Philippine assure that ,they will create time hole via black hole, and they use it , get into the past and recover all the things that were being before research. Can I trust him? Many nations told No, But soon this research will be recommenced by another scientists , who knows he may be a Indian born American Citizen as usual. One day your grandsons with ultramodern civilized costumes may knock your room door and says Hi grandpa!! .Please don’t get confused and tense on them, because they would have been used the time hole.Okay the question left for you is is ” Is there any need to create Time hole?”.Image